Planetary Mixers

Versatile and Powerful

From the SM Series for budget-conscious operators, to some of the largest mixers for high-volume operations, Doyon offers a large line of planetary mixers. They are designed and built to offer the highest flexibility and efficiency, as well as the lowest maintenance cost possible. They’re ideal for operations that not only need to mix bread dough, but other items such as cake batter and frosting, delicate pastry dough, meat loaf, whipped items, sauces and more.

Economy Mixers
These affordable general purpose mixers are suited for a variety of products.
Heavy-Duty Mixers
With up to a 4 HP motor and non-slipping belt, these mixers have the durability and torque necessary for tough mixes.
Large-Capacity Mixers
Built for high volume, these planetary mixers have up to 5 HP motor with overload protection.

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